Weldcraft Marine


  • Weldcraft has been the leader in building quality welded aluminum boats since 1968. 40 years of innovative designs for families, and fishermen.

  • Welded From Bow To Stern, Port To Starboard, And Heart To Soul. Life on the water is more fulfilling when you have the fully-welded craftsmanship of a Weldcraft beneath your feet. Our boats aren't meant to mold you into the status quo like the vast majority of fiberglass boats. They're not reliant on rivets, screws, or nuts and bolts that wear out in a short time. Weldcraft boats are meticulously, fluently, and artfully welded to offer unparalleled strength and unrivaled value that only pure marine grade aluminum can provide.

  • Weldcraft has been the leader in building quality welded aluminum boats since 1968. That's 40 years of rugged, innovative designs for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and fishermen. Heavy duty, welded aluminum jet boats are unique to the Pacific Northwest, usually associated with running whitewater rivers. Though our roots are in jet boats, Weldcraft has evolved to offer innovative outboard designs and stern drive models with broad appeal to families and fishermen enjoying rivers, lakes and coastal waters. By improving upon our traditional designs, we've increased the versatility beyond the "river rat" image. Today, Weldcraft Marine Industries, Inc. manufactures and distributes through independent marine dealers a full line of boats from 17' to 26', from the handy 17' Angler SE outboard to the top-of-the-line 24' Select inboard jet and 260 Cuddy King with an extended cabin.

  • Cuddy King Ocean King 220/240 Maverick DV 201 Maverick DV 188 Rebel 202 Rebel 18/20 Angler 22/24 Select 21 Legacy 18/20 Renegade 20/21 Sabre