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  • Velocity Performance Boats Velocity has been developed and engineered to bring ski race / performance boat design and manufacture into the 21st century and beyond. Combining close to 50 years of powerboat racing experience Simon Isherwood and Tim Everist have set out to combine their knowledge of what it takes to achieve success on the world and national competition circuits, including the rigors of Offshore Power Boat Racing, World Ski Racing and also the requirements of high speed ski racing into one brand, Velocity. The 6m long Velocity ski race boat has been the blending of all that works and all of the lessons learnt to allow the best opportunity to bring home the ultimate prize. Like the Velocity 7, it is built using resin infusion technology using only the best composite materials. The 7m long Velocity is the most advanced ski race boat ever built in this country. Built from a full set of 3D CAD engineering drawings, the plug was CNC machined from a billet foam block leading to ultra straight and square moulds. It has been specifically designed and built with Grand Prix style endurance ski racing functionality but also as a great boat on a river or lake. It is the perfect race or social boat able to withstand whatever you can throw at it. Standard Specifications * Available in outboard & stern drive configurations * Available in Social or full race set ups * Can be custom built to suit a specific weight, strength or HP * Custom fit out built to order Contact * Available in Stage 1, Stage 2, or a complete turn key package Simon Isherwood 03 9772 9178 * Full range of Mercury Engine options available * Trailers and covers available Tim Everist 0419 894 549 * Custom Ballast Systems RACE MARINE 10b Hartwood Crt, Chelsea Heights, Victoria Australia

  • Australian title holders, Victorian title holder, river race records, Australian team qualifier and having a good time award!!!!

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