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    Skiff Boats

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    Sarasota, FL, United States


  • This is the official FaceBook page of Panga Marine. Panga Marine boats are built in Sarasota, FL. U.S.A.

  • Panga Marine is the first and foremost builder of Panga style boats in the United States. NO KNOCKOFFS - We produce high quality, high performance, shallow hulled, sophisticated fishing boats. We offer unlimited variations of custom features. For example, our 18’ ft Skiffs can be built with or without a liner. Fore and aft decks are available in many sizes. We offer four different consoles, baitwells in four configurations and multiple seating arrangements. Incidentally, we're a hands-on, down to earth team of highly experienced builders and avid fishermen. We run a small facility. No assembly lines. No red carpeted showroom. We've traded those off to give you a superior product and unmatchable customer service.

  • From Cancun water taxis to Sudan fishermen, mariners the world over recognize the seaworthiness and versatility of the Panga. Pangas are the world's most utilized small boat design.

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(941) 358-6800

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1520 Northgate Blvd
Sarasota, FL, United States