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  • An Ocean Kayak will make any day on the water better. We pioneered the sit-on-top, and we've been perfecting it for you ever since. Every kayak we build is stable, durable, and designed to put smiles on faces.

  • In 1971, in a backyard in Malibu, California, founder Tim Niemier took an old surfboard and carved out two places — one to sit in, the other for his scuba gear. The Ocean Kayak sit-on-top was born. The key innovation of the first Ocean Kayak was a cockpit that was easy to get in and out of. That didn't require you to learn how to do an Eskimo roll. That was open, non-confining and more welcoming to people who hadn't thought they could use a kayak. Then we started taking our boats to ocean resorts. And people really began to catch on. They'd get back home, tell their friends about this great new boat they'd discovered, and then look for a place to buy one. To make it easier, we started molding our phone number right into the boat. Take a look at one sometime. It's still there. In the mid-80s we stopped making kayaks out of fiberglass and began mass-producing them from roto-molded polyethylene. It made them much tougher — practically indestructible, more affordable and not to mention much more popular. The Scupper Pro was one of the original designs followed by the Scrambler, Frenzy and Malibu Two which were all born in the early 1990s. In 1997, Ocean Kayak was purchased by Johnson Outdoors. For almost 40 years Ocean Kayak has been engineering and innovating. We continue to be the number one sit-on-top company in the world.

  • Malibu Two, Frenzy, Trident, Prowler, Yak Board, Mysto, Peekaboo.....the list goes on! Check out our website at http://oceankayak.com.

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