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  • A page for Malibu Kayaks Army talking about fishing kayaks. Family, Friends, Freedom. Get it, when you get in a Malibu Kayak.

  • Since 1999, Malibu Kayaks has designed high-quality, affordable fishing kayak and recreational kayaks for hardcore enthusiasts and curious parties alike – anyone who wants to do more than just dip their toe in the water. Recreational paddlers love our kayaks. Anglers swear by our fishing kayaks. And fitness experts enjoy riding the waves on a Malibu Kayaks. For over a decade we've created kayaks based on what’s important to the kayaker. It’s been that way since our humble beginnings.

  • Our mission is to provide entertainment and an escape from every day life, with our kayaks that can be used from a fun day in the sun, to a quiet and relaxing day of fishing. We strive to create a top quality, highly functional, and most importantly a FUN experience for everyone!

  • Malibu Kayaks is a leading manufacturer of roto-molded, linear polyethylene sit-on-top kayaks. Offering 14 models suited to everything from beach-front surfing to angling, we proudly serve the fishing kayaking, diving, surfing and recreational communities. Please find our updated Facebook terms and conditions here: Have a customer service or warranty question or want to read our how to guides on our customer service site: - or - send us an email at

  • Sit on Top Kayaks, Mini-X, X-Factor, X-13, 3.4, Express, Stealth 9, Stealth 12, Stealth 14, Pro-Explorer, Pro2Tandem, Extreme, Sierra 10, Ranger 15.1, Ranger 15.2

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Paramount, CA, United States