• If you're passionate about fishing or family fun in saltwater, MBC makes a boat for you -- Maverick, Hewes, Pathfinder and Cobia boat brands.

  • Welcome to the MBC official page. Building on going from 2 boat molds in 1984 to 4 leading saltwater boat brands and 36 different models today requires a clear view of the past, a focus on the present, and an eye toward the future. Join us on the captain’s chair as we continue to grow the MBC legacy. This page will give an inside perspective into MBC events, new products, production processes, and the people behind the scenes. With features like the “hot boat of the week”, you will need to check back often to keep up. For more information about MBC and its Maverick, Hewes, Pathfinder and Cobia boat brands, go to mbcboats.com or call (772) 465-0631.

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