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  • Cypress Cay - A Lifetime of Fun

  • Cypress Cay is a superbly innovative line of pontoons designed to be a one-stop refuge from the hassles of everyday life. It’s as much a destination as a pontoon boat. Whether you have a half day or a week, you’ll find all the relaxation you, your family and friends could ask for in this comfortable, user-friendly and trouble-free getaway. So whether it’s watching the sunset with your sweetie, seeing your kids enjoy something besides video games, going on a hard-core fishing trip or a day watching your friends wipe out on skis, you’ll find just the spot you’re looking for at Cypress Cay. We encourage you to post your own stories, photos and videos and share your amazing experiences with the rest of our community.

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(260) 432-4555

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1111 N Hadley Rd
Fort Wayne, IN, United States