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  • The Hutchins Company is a family owned-and-operated corporation founded in 1957 by W.L. Hutchins Sr.. Les Hutchins, or "Hutch" to everyone who knew him, was a self-made man from a farming background who became a successful inventor and entrepreneur. His inventions ranged from automobile accessories to a unique folding high chair. The "Ah-ooo-gah" horns popular on Model A Fords were made by him too. A tool and die maker by trade, Hutch initially owned and operated a successful metal-stamping and fabrication shop in St. Louis, Missouri, which subcontracted work from the major automobile manufacturers. Eventually the Hutchins Company, Inc. developed its own line of automotive products incorporating many patents and registered trademarks held by Les Hutchins. In the early 1970's the desire to turn a personal interest in sailing into corporate diversification was realized when Les focused his talents on boat manufacturing. In 1970 Hutch commissioned master boatwright and designer Clark Mills to put a big boat into a small package. The result was a 16-footer appropriately named "The Com-Pac Yacht." Hutchins Co., Inc is today owned and operated by Richard and Gerry Hutchins, two brothers who learned the [craft and] business of boatbuilding early on from a father who was a master and a pioneer. We are proud to carry on his example of building quality boats that will serve you as a destination in their own right.

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