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    Elkhart, IN, United States


  • Since 1997, we've been doing what we love the most. The fact it lets you do the same makes it even more rewarding. Visit our new site:

  • Bennington pontoons are carefully crafted with a commitment to luxury and quality. Take the time to look under and around any Bennington. The quality and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Add superior performance, luxury features and an amazing warranty and Bennington pontoons are the obvious choice for a fishing, cruising or luxury pontoon boat.

  • When we started Bennington in 1997, we had a vision for our company that included a commitment to continuously improve both product quality and quality of life...for our customers, our employees our suppliers and our dealers. Today we are just as committed to our goals as we were when we wrote our vision statement 15 years ago. We know there are some things you cannot compromise, and knowing that our customers are our best asset is among them. Through word of mouth, dock talk, and the recommendations of friends and family, Bennington has grown to become the most respected name in the pontoon business. We could not have achieved this benchmark without our customers. Adding to our strength, Bennington is backed by 9 consecutive CSI awards...our industry's recognition of strong customer satisfaction. Not only that, but Bennington has earned 4 JD Power awards since the independent research firm began awarding honors to pontoon manufacturers. How did we get here? Hard work, belief in our team, and constant innovation. We start each and every day with a management meeting that includes our president and CEO, lead engineer, lead designer, lead production director and lead personnel from our sales and customer service departments. With the exception of the holidays, we haven't missed one in 14 years. That's dedication. That's who we are... We hope you'll find that the Bennington lifestyle is right for you. We hope so.

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