• The official Facebook page of Avalon Pontoons will bring you the latest news and information straight from our factory. Look no further than Avalon for your new luxury pontoon!

  • Over 40 years of pontoon boat manufacturing experience has brought you the exciting Avalon pontoon boats. High end luxury, mid-range and affordable models available. Check out our website for more info and pricing. Talk to Capn AT at - http://facebook.com/pages/Capn-AT/295345527219550 - if you have questions or want to share technical information. Captain AT does not handle warranty or production questions. Please contact the Avalon factory or your dealer. If you are interested in finding your nearest dealer go here: http://avalonpontoons.com/dealers/

  • To produce the highest quality, most luxurious pontoon boats the world has ever laid eyes on.

  • 2012 NMMA Innovation Award for our Avalon Ambassador model 2008-2012 CSI Customer service award

  • Avalon Pontoon Mfg. is a vertically integrated builder. We manufacture the pontoons, framing, furniture, covers and more right in our own production facility using the latest computer driven equipment such as our Water Jet cutter, Gerber fabric cutter, Tiger saws and the latest in welding technology. As a result we are able to achieve and control the highest degree of quality.

  • Below is a list of our boats from most luxurious to most affordable. -Deco Series (Most Luxurious)- Ambassador Excalubur DECO Funship DECO Sandbar Paradise -C Series (Mid-Range)- Windjammer C Funship Tropic C-Fish -A Series (Affordable)- Catalina DRL A-Fish Eagle LS GS

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